TePe Interdental Brushes: Angled

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Recommended by periodontists, interdental brushes thoroughly clean and remove plaque from between teeth, where a regular toothbrushes don't reach, and are highly effective in the prevention of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Interdental brushes are also highly effective for cleaning around implants and under orthodontics. Some folks report that using a re-usable interdental brush is a more satisfying experience than using floss (although brushes can't clean below the gum line like floss).

Unlike its competitors, re-usable TePe Interdental Brushes are made of high quality bristles for efficient cleaning and excellent durability, and a plastic coated wire for safe use. Rinse after each use, and then store in the ventilated plastic protective brush cap (included), for hygienic protection. The Angled Interdental Brush has a longer handle than the Original Interdental Brush, so some people find them easier to use. Like the Original, these brushes are colour coded for easy identification of size, and can be used with varying sizes of spaces between teeth, from narrow to wide.

For improved access between the posterior teeth, sizes 0-3 can be curved at the flexible neck, and sizes 4-7 can be curved at the wire. Don't know which size(s) you'll require? Try our 6 piece Mixed Pack!

Made from recyclable polypropylene.

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