Sulcabrush comes in a variety of colours.
Sulcabrush comes in a variety of colours.


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The space between your gums and teeth is called the “sulcus.” Hence, the original Sulcabrush® which is especially designed to clean that space.
Clinically proven to help stop bleeding gums, remove plaque, reduce gingivitis, the Sulcabrush is ideal and important to use if you have difficulty or dislike flossing.
Easy and convenient, cleaning between your teeth and under the gumline is a breeze. A quality, Canadian made Sulcabrush® can even be used while doing more interesting things like reading or watching TV. So simplify with Sulca!
Note, our current stock offers several colours. If you prefer (or don't want) one particular colour, please make a note of it at the check-out. Although we can’t guarantee that we’ll make the match, we’ll try our best to please you.

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