Woolskin Wash - only 500 mL available online
Woolskin Wash - only 500 mL available online

Woolskin Sheepskin Detergent 500mL

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1 - 500mL bottle
This is great stuff. We use it on our own personal sheepskins! An effective, but gentle, Tea Tree Oil based wash for sheepskin and wool. Its natural anti-bacterial qualities and anti-dust mite properties leave your sheepskin and woollens soft and clean. Rinse your sheepskin well after washing, then lay flat to dry. The occasional good wash and rinse will restore and revive the spring in your sheepskin products.
Note: We sell the 500ml plastic bottle online - and this will do you for a very long time (a little goes a long way). Because of its weight and size, we are unable to ship 5 litre containers, but sell both it and the smaller size in-store.