Soft, super wash 100% wool fleece pad
Soft, super wash 100% wool fleece pad

Wool Pile Bed Pad

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1 bed pad
A quality wool pile bed pad is a great comfort to a bedridden person. Providing comfort and relief in all seasons, wool fibres permit air to flow through them, absorb moisture while keeping the patient feeling dry, and most importantly, provide pressure relief - reducing the risk of bedsores.
This bed pad features "Down Under" super wash 1" fleece (more than 1100gms per square metre), bonded to a polyester knit backing. Naturally it is machine washable.
Highly recommended for the comfort of folks temporarily convalescing in bed, or for those who must spend all their days in bed. This 100% wool pad is also a treat for those who like a little bit of extra comfort on hard seats!
We currently carry one size in stock, however we can special order a variety of sizes for you. Please call for more details.
24' x 30" Material made in the USA. Colour: natural.

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