What's Eating You?

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1 soft covered book, 190 pages.
Living in a culture obsessed with body size and shape, it can be hard to feel good about the way you look. But eating disorders caused by unrealistic body image ideals create much larger problems-diminished self-confidence, unhealthy eating and exercising habits, and an inability to see yourself as a person rather than a number on the scale.

This workbook takes aim at the motivations behind your relationship with food and helps you to better understand how your need to control what you eat can end up controlling you.

As you complete the worksheets in What's Eating You, you'll learn more about the beliefs and experiences that contribute to your disorder. Each worksheet includes questions and exercises targeting the cultural myths, perfectionism, stress, and lack of self-confidence that are often at the heart of a dysfunctional relationship with food. Once these issues are addressed, you'll be able to gather the strength you need to make peace with your body, exude confidence, and live a healthy life.

Tammy Nelson, MS, has worked as a psychotherapist for over fifteen years. She is executive director and co-founder of the Center for Healing and Recovery in Norwalk, CT, and co-director and co-founder of the Ridgefield Center for Families & Children in Ridgefield, CT. Nelson is a licensed professional counselor, a registered art therapist, a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, and a certified Imago Relationships therapist. She also works in her private practice treating anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders using group and expressive therapy.

Paperback book available on its own, or with a companion CD offering the complete book and printable worksheets for your clients (Professional Edition). 

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