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Type 1 Teens
Type 1 Teens

Type 1 Teens

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Friends. School. Parents. Driving. Dating. Add type 1 diabetes, and your teenage life feels even more complicated. Too many competing priorities, not enough time, right?

Type 1 Teens outlines straightforward strategies and tips to help you manage your diabetes before it manages you. Crack it open for simple-to-use tools and insider advice. Find practical and realistic self-help, all in this do-it-in-a-snap guide.

Type 1 Teens gives you just want you need to own your diabetes, advocate for yourself, prevent diabetes burnout, and take back the control of your priorities.

Korey K. Hood, PhD, has personal experience with diabetes. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a young adult. Coincidentally, it happened just a few months after starting graduate work in pediatric diabetes. Being diagnosed at this point in his life solidified the decision he made to do research and clinical work in pediatric diabetes and seemed to promote more enthusiasm for working in this area.

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