Thoughts and Feelings: Taking Control of Your Moods & Your Life
Thoughts and Feelings: Taking Control of Your Moods & Your Life

Thoughts and Feelings: Taking Control of Your Moods & Your Life

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If you are depressed, anxious, angry, worried, confused, frustrated, upset, or ashamed, please remember that you are not alone in your struggle with painful feelings and experiences. Everybody experiences emotional distress sometimes. It's normal. But when the pain becomes too strong and too enduring, it's time to take that important first step toward feeling better.

Painful thoughts can arise in many ways. You may struggle with anxiety and depression, or feel that procrastination or perfectionism is holding you back. Regardless of the issue, you've come to this book with a desire to change your thoughts and feelings for the better. This classic self-help workbook offers powerful cognitive therapy tools for making that happen.

Thoughts and Feelings provides you with twenty evidence-based techniques that can be combined to create a personal treatment plan for overcoming a range of mental health concerns, including worry, panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem, anger, and emotional and behavioral challenges of any kind. Customize your plan to address multiple concerns at once, or troubleshoot the thoughts and feelings that bother you most. Used and recommended by the most renowned and respected therapists, this comprehensive mental health workbook offers all of best psychological tools for quickly regaining mastery over your moods and emotions. This endlessly useful guide has helped thousands of readers:
  •     Challenge self-sabotaging patterns of thinking
  •     Practice relaxation techniques to maintain self-control in stressful situations
  •     Change the core beliefs that drive painful emotions
  •     Identify and prioritize their values for a more focused, fulfilling life
Using proven effective methods based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT, and mindfulness, this book will help you take that first step toward feeling better-about yourself, and about the world around you. Isn't it time you started really enjoying life?

Matthew McKay, PhD, is a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. He has authored and coauthored numerous books, including The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, Self-Esteem, When Anger Hurts, and ACT on Life Not on Anger. He has also penned two fiction novels, Us and The Wawona Hotel. McKay received his PhD in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, and specializes in the cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety and depression.
Martha Davis, PhD, was a psychologist in the department of psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Santa Clara, CA, where she practiced individual, couple, and group psychotherapy for more than thirty years prior to her retirement. She is also coauthor of The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook.
Patrick Fanning is a professional writer in the mental health field. He is coauthor of many self-help books, including The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, Self-Esteem, and The Self-Esteem Companion.
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