Living Room Pharmacists are here to make you comfortable! They bring to your service years of experience in both hospital and community pharmacies. They all have the knowledge and ability to help you manage your healthcare needs. This means they can work with you and your physician(s) to adjust the strength, dosage frequency and/or type of your medications in order to make your life as comfortable as possible. They are adept at all aspects of community pharmacy, including: compounding, custom flavouring kids' and pets' med's, customizing Daily Dose packaging, managing the renal medications of dialysis patients, and maintaining the crash carts and med's for private surgeries. One of their most important jobs, though, is to take the time to explain to you how your medications work, and, to help you find ways to reduce or eliminate your need for prescriptions. They will also be pleased to assist you with choosing a non-medicinal way to help you treat many healthcare needs.

Please take the time to talk with your pharmacist in the Living Room.
Your health is worth it!

Living Room Technicians and Assistants will greet you promptly and politely as soon as you walk in the door or give us a call. Trained to fill prescriptions, compound medications, interpret your drug insurance plans, and fit you with compression stockings, a blood pressure monitor, or a therapeutic brace, our experienced staff is here to make your life comfortable.