Taming Worry Dragons Classroom Manual (for Group Facilitator)

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1 soft covered book, 92 pages.
This is a successful and popular psychoeducational group program for anxiety prevention, to be used in the classroom or other group therapy situations. In this program, children will learn to trap and tame their "out-of-control" worries and anxiety. Over 8 sessions, children will learn 14 creative and important tools to live with and manage anxiety.
This program is ideally used with children from 8-12 years old, but can be adapted for both younger (with The Kid's Guide to Taming Worry Dragons*), and older (Taming Worry Dragons or Worry Taming for Teens) kids. Sessions can be facilitated by various professionals, including pyschologists, school counselors, and teachers.
  The authors recommend that if you are working with young children, each child have their own copy of The Kid's Guide to Taming Worry Dragons. Additional activity sheets and the weekly Detective Work sheets are included in this classroom facilitator's manual.

The hugely popular Worry Taming series was developed by E. Jane Garland, MD, FRCP(C) and Sandra Clark, PhD, R. Psych., of the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Clinic at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. The books in this series are used by children, parents, and professionals around the world.

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