Super Breakfast Cereals
Super Breakfast Cereals

Super Breakfast Cereals

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Discover healthful quality and taste with whole grains!

For thousands of years humans spared neither trouble nor expense to freshly grind their grains. Today, supermarkets offer us seemingly wholesome ingredients such as corn, wheat, and rice. Yet, processing has changed these ordinary grains to such an extent that your body doesn't recognize or metabolize them any more.

Your body cannot efficiently use this so-called food and will send you warning signals - bloating, headaches, allergies, fatigue and more. In contrast, whole grains provide a natural set of nutrients that your body has been programmed through the ages to metabolize.

Our quality of life depends on the quality of our food. We can only expect superior health when our food is healthful and bursting with vital energy and abundant nutrients. Starting your day with a wholesome, nourishing breakfast goes a long way in caring for your health and that of your family. Learn how to buy, store and prepare whole grains, and enjoy the simple recipes in the back of this book. 

Super Breakfast Cereals is part of the alive Natural Health Guides, the first series of its kind in North America. This series combines up-to-the-minute research, vivid full-colour photographs, easy-to-read text and easy-to-follow recipes. 

Katharina Gustavs originally from the bread country Germany, the natural sweetness of Canadian grains inspired Katharina to pursue her passion for grains. A major health challenge made her then research the scientific details and ancient wisdom of nutrition. The fascinating result is the latest bioelectrical findings along with past intuitive observations. She lives with her family in the tranquility and natural splendour of a forested area on the Southwest coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. As a professional translator, holistic nutritionist, and certified building biology consultant, she provides consultation services and offers workshops on whole grains-full of flavour and full of health. 

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