Stopping the Pain

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1 soft covered book, 147 pages.

Self-injury can be a disturbing symptom of a variety of conditions, including eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. Teens who self-injure often cut or burn themselves, but may also engage in other harmful practices. Stopping the Pain helps teens and their counsellors discover the root cause of self-injury and develop a program to end this dangerous behaviour. The book begins with a series of exercises designed to help teens understand why they self-injure and dispel myths about self-injury. It goes on to help them tackle self-esteem issues, recognize and disarm the triggers that lead to self-injury, communicate about self-injury, cope with difficult emotions and commit to change. More than 10 percent of teenagers have experimented with self-injury, according to research. This book offers help for any teen caught up in this dangerous habit.

Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D. is an internationally known child psychologist and parenting expert in Norwalk, CT. He has written over fifty books for parents, children, and mental health professionals.

Paperback book available on its own, or with a companion CD offering the complete book and printable worksheets for your clients (Professional Edition).