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Sparky's Excellent Misadventures
Sparky's Excellent Misadventures

Sparky's Excellent Misadventures

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Spencer Allen Douglass-known as "Sparky" for his red hair-is lively and smart and has a great sense of humor. He also has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which can make life exciting, or a real pain! With a little help from his family and school, and by writing about his ups and downs in his journal, he's figuring out how to "manage his wiggles and keep all of his giggles."

Told in a first person diary format, Sparky's week-in-the-life tale is optimistic and fun, and includes many valuable insights and ideas that can help kids with ADD and ADHD gain more control of their lives.

The authors have extensive personal and professional experience in the field. Sparky will appeal to both children and adults and offer comfort, humor, and solid advice.

Phyllis Carpenter is an elementary school teacher with more than 20 years of professional and personal experience with children and ADD.

Marti Ford is a long-time advocate in the school system for children with ADD, as well as a leader and liaison in parent-teacher and parent-school board associations.

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