Elbow Protectors: 1271 Wool Pile (left) & 1721 Sheepskin (right)
Elbow Protectors: 1271 Wool Pile (left) & 1721 Sheepskin (right)

Sheepskin or Wool Pile Elbow Protectors

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Elbow Protectors


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People who spend most of their time in a wheelchair or bed are susceptible to pressure sores and friction burns. The thinly skinned and bony elbow is particularly vulnerable to skin injuries. The breathable, dense wool fleece of these elbow protectors is a natural way to protect and provide comfort and relief to this vulnerable part of the body.
Happy Elbows Elbow Protectors keeps the elbow suspended and allows air flow to prevent skin shear irritation and speedier healing of wounds. Unlike artificial material, natural wool fibres wick moisture away from the skin and resist bacteria growth. Wool breathes and allows air to circulate around these vulnerable and often immobile parts of the body.
Like our Heel Protectors, these Elbow Protectors are available in two price-points: Business (#1271) and First Class (#1721). Both models are approx.  5" x 8", shaped to curve around your elbow, feature 2 padded velcro straps for closure, and most importantly, have NO SEAM at the elbow tip pressure point to avoid unnecessary rubbing.
The Wool Pile (1271) Elbow Protectors are made of dense Superwash 1" wool fleece bonded into a polyester knit backing. Material is made in the USA. Machine washable.
The Sheepskin (1721) Elbow Protectors feel beautiful, and are made of medical grade sheepskin with a 1" sheered fleece. Natural, breathable, and machine washable.

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