Heel Protectors: 1276 Wool Pile (L) and 1726 Sheepskin (R)
Heel Protectors: 1276 Wool Pile (L) and 1726 Sheepskin (R)

Sheepskin & Wool Pile Heel Protectors

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Heel Protectors


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Anyone who must remain immobile in bed or in a chair for more than a few hours at time are susceptible to bed sores. Diabetics are particularly vulnerable to pressure sores on the feet because of lack of blood circulation. When these ulcers become infected, serious trouble results.  While mobility is the best prevention for decubitis ulcers (otherwise known as pressure or bed sores), if a person can't walk around, sheepskin heel protectors can help prevent skin shear and friction wounds.
Both the comforting Wool Table Wool Pile Heel Protectors and the Wool Table Sheepskin Heel Protectors allow air to circulate around your skin, give excellent comfort, and provide pressure relief to your feet. Most importantly, there is NO SEAM across the heel to risk irritation of sensitive thin skin. They come in different price choices: business and first class.
The Wool Pile Heel Protectors (1276) provide a comforting 1" dense "Down Under" superwash fleece bonded to a polyester knit backing. Its two easily adjustable velcro straps hold the foot snuggly to prevent pad movement. Materials are made in the USA.
The Sheepskin Heel Protectors (1726) are appreciated by purists (and Kiwis). Made from washable, medical grade real sheepskin, they absorb & wick moisture away from your body, keep your heel suspended - allowing air flow for speedier healing - and prevent skin shear irritation.  The medical grade sheepskin allows for frequent washing (up to 100 F/38 C). Their padded velcro straps are wool fleece lined to prevent skin irritation and pad movement.
These quality pressure relief products are made in Canada. One size fits most.

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