Servoclin - Hernia Block Low Cut
Not exactly as shown. Servoclin briefs are only available in grey.

Servoclin - Hernia Block Low Cut

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Yes! It is possible to buy sexy (and effective) hernia underwear! This comfortable unisex brief is recommended to wear both before and after hernial surgery.  Designed and made in Italy from hypoallergenic, 100% breathable cotton, the Servoclin Hernia Block brief comes with removable compression pads for either side. Insert these pads into the garment's discrete inner pockets to gently press the herniated protrusion back into the abdomen. Worn without the pads, this brief also provides effective abdominal support post-surgery, and when worn for sports or heavy physical work. This product can also be worn by women. Please note that these low cut hernia briefs are now available only in grey.

Note: These European-made briefs fit much more snuggly than you might expect. Sizing is based on the pelvic measurement around the widest part of your hips, so if you're measuring towards the upper end of a size, you may want to order one size larger. We also suggest that you purchase two pairs so that they can be washed and air-dried regularly. When you order 2 or more pairs the same size, you'll receive $5 off each pair.

Machine washable and hang to dry.

Made in Italy of 100% cotton.

To see more about this product, watch this youtube video by its manufacturer:

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Pharmacist Notes:

The exclusive PAVIS fabric structure represents the most advanced compression garment currently available. This is an excellent choice for sports, heavy work and post-op treatment.

Please double-check your measurements (around the widest part of your hips) before ordering. We cannot accept returns or exchanges on undergarments. Remember that old carpenter's saying: "Measure twice, cut once." In this case, we recommend that you measure twice, add a bit, and order once.
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