Planning Your Independence

Did you know that more than half of all injuries among Canadians over 65 take place in their home?

The simple process of injury prevention is more effective than any medication to prevent bone fractures!

We want to help you stay comfortably in your own home by showing you a variety of products and services that can help you stay independent.

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A few more thoughts...

Living Room Pharmacy regards home safety fixtures the same way we look at seat belts in cars. We don't know if we'll ever actually need a safety belt, but we wear it just in case.
Do you have visitors that may feel more secure with a grab bar in the guest bathroom? Are you designing the retirement home of your dreams? You may find the stylish high-end safety fixtures of the international award-winning Canadian-made Invisia line intriguing. Think ahead 10 years or so, just to give yourself peace of mind, add value to your home, and, most importantly, allow you to stay more comfortably in your own place for a long long time to come.
If you'd like to read more about keeping your home secure, see Independent Living in Healthpedia.