At Living Room Pharmacy, we want you to feel at home when you are in our store. You will be treated to a warm and friendly environment when you visit us. And when you're waiting for your prescription, sit down in a comfortable chair, enjoy a complementary cup of coffee or tea, and read the paper or one of the many books in our Living Room Library. We don't make you roam up and down aisles, hoping that you will buy something else while waiting for a prescription.

We guarantee that our pharmacists will always give you medical advice based on objective science-based research. Here in the Living Room, we respect the health choices that you make, and we take pride in taking the time to clearly explain how medications and health regimens can affect your physical and mental health. The ultimate decision for your healthcare is up to you. Living Room pharmacists provide you with the resources and knowledge to help you make intelligent decisions about your healthcare, or the healthcare of someone you love.