Pain Relief

There are many ways to control and treat pain. Rest, stretching, exercise, cognitive therapy, deep breathing, massage, TENS, or even medication - you have many choices. We offer several here at Living Room Pharmacy.
If you suffer chronic pain, from Fibromyalgia Syndrome or another condition, you may find relief in turning the research and exercises found in our self-help books for pain relief. Suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Then check out Trigger Point Therapy of Repetitive Strain Injuries or Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Many benefit from some sort of touch or massage therapy. Again, Living Room offers a wide variety of Trigger Point Therapy workbooks, which are very popular with active people. Trigger Point Therapy has been shown to be effective from head to toe, so check it out. The Knotty Tiger Shoulder Rub & Muscle Knot Release Tool works with Trigger Therapy technique to help relieve cramping, spasms, and tight, knotted muscles. In fact, the entire Tiger Tail range is so effective, it is found in professional sports dressing rooms across North America.