Olivia Organic Moisturizing Dry Oil - 230ml
Olivia Organic Moisturizing Dry Oil - 230ml

OLIVIA Organic Moisturizing Dry Oil - 230ml

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1 - 230mL / 7.8 fl.oz bottle
The first thing people wonder is, "How can an oil be dry?"  Olivia Organic Moisturizing Dry Oil is a DRY OIL because it does not leave a greasy film on your skin or clothes. Use daily all over your body - after shaving your legs, on the dry skin of your back, lightly on your face, even on your hair to add a bit of natural shine.
Made of organic olive oil, evening primrose oil, mandarin and lemon essential oils, Olivia will moisturize and protect your body, thanks to its Omega 6 content. An exceptional, non-greasy emollient for your skin (and hair), apply sparingly, and it will last a long time.
 Compared with other dry oils on the market, you'll find this is not only an exceptional product, it is one of the only certified organic dry oils available, and we're selling it for a very competitive price. Limited stock.

Made in France.
Ecocert Certified Organic Cosmetic.
Contains: Organic olive and evening primrose oils, organic mandarin and lemon essential oils.

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