No More Stinking Thinking
No More Stinking Thinking

No More Stinking Thinking

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How can children learn to combat negative thinking in a fun and constructive way? By applying to be a wizard of positive thinking, of course!

Joann Altiero's No More Stinking Thinking is an easy-to-use workbook for use by parents, teachers, and therapists to teach children how to develop the cognitive skills and resilience that will help them to cope with daily adversity, including criticism, disappointment and bullying. Each lesson in this mental health "wizard class" explains a different type of "Stinking Thinking" - from ignoring the big picture or jumping to conclusions to making a big (or little) deal out of something - and teaches children how to spot and combat it. They are drawn into a magical world where they learn about the power of positive, healthy and confident thinking and assertive behaviors as they defeat the evil Lord Stinker and become "Super Thinking Wizards." Exercises, a final "exam," and a graduation certificate are included.

Joann Altiero, Ph.D., is a child clinical psychologist who received her doctorate from Southern Illinois University. She has worked in the field of clinical psychology for over 20 years, is a faculty member at the University of Maryland University College and has had a successful private practice promoting family mental health in La Plata, MD, since 1998.

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