My Grandpa Had a Stroke
My Grandpa Had a Stroke

My Grandpa Had a Stroke

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"What's a stroke?"
"Why can't Grandpa move his arm?"
"Why does he seem so different?"
"Will he get better?"
"Why did this have to happen to my grandpa?"
"Who will take care of him?"

Ryan loves spending Saturdays with his Grandpa, riding in the truck, stopping at Morrie's Diner for breakfast, and fishing on Hall Lake. But when his grandfather has a stroke, everything suddenly changes. Now Ryan is confused and scared. He's worried about his grandfather. And he missed the special bond they shared.

My Grandpa Had a Stroke is a complete resource for families with young children. Offering honest and age-appropriate information about strokes, this gentle story also addresses the many feelings children face, and helps them adjust while finding new ways to maintain those special family bonds.

A comprehensive Note to Parents provides additional guidance, information, and resources.

Dori Hillestad Butler is an award-winning author of many children's books. "When my father suffered a stroke, I was desperate for a book to read with my young children but couldn't find what I was looking for. So I wrote it," she says. She lives with her family in Iowa.

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