Medela - Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

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1 box of 5 bags

This is an extremely economical & convenient way to disinfect your breastshields, breastmilk bottles, nipples, pacifiers and more. We know how stressful (and unsafe) it is to be holding a baby and having a toddler winding around our legs whilst trying to drop bottle bits into a big pot of boiling water, then fishing around and trying to retrieve all those boiling little valves and things a few minutes later! Forget it!

Medela has cleverly solved the problem by inventing BPA free, re-usable, bags into which you pop the bottle, nipples, valves, etc, and then microwave for 3 minutes to disinfect. Steam cleaning eliminates 99.9% of most common bacteria and germs in just 3 minutes - superior to a dishwasher. And best of all, you don't have to contend with splashes of boiling water. Each Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bag can hold up to 2 bottles & lids, and be re-used 20 times, so with a package of 5 bags, you're good for 100 treatments - very economical indeed.

As with all Medela products, Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags are (and always have been) BPA-free.

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