Savon de Marseille Olive - 400g Cube
Savon de Marseille Olive - 400g Cube

Marius Fabre: Traditional French Olive Soap Cube 400g

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400g Cube

This is THE authentic Savon de Marseilles traditional soap cube. And we're not selling it just because it's "vintage chic." This soap has been a staple in French homes for hundreds of years for a reason: it's really good stuff.

Made by the 15 workers of the Marius Fabre soap factory in southern France, this Marseilles soap is still baked in a cauldron and dried by the famous mistral winds of Provence. It takes 14 days to produce a batch of their precious olive oil-based soap.

The "Marseillaise" production method guarantees 'extra pure' soap containing no impurities. It is particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin, such as babies and people with allergies. Olive oil offers excellent moisturising properties and this soap, according to the Dermatolgy Deparment at the Montpellier Faculty of Medicine, helps prevent the skin from drying out.

Purely vegetable based and phosphate-free, Marius Fabre Savon de Marseilles is also recommended for gently washing delicate fabrics such as wool, lace, or silk.

DID YOU KNOW....  that the traditional Savon de Marseilles has been sold as a cube for hundreds of years, so that house-keepers of the old French country houses could easily store & keep track of their valuable soap inventory? Often, these larger cubes would be cut up for ease of use, and the left-over flakes and residue was used in the laundry, as it's a highly effective and natural stain remover.