M-Brace Thumb Splint
M-Brace Thumb Splint

M-Brace Thumb Splint

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Wear this thumb splint like a fingerless glove for light traumas and minor injuries of the thumb, or for post-trauma rehab and prevention during sports. It's easily adjustable with a velcro closure around the thumb and a malleable metal stay across the base of the index finger around to the back of the hand. Another smooth velcro closure ensures a snug fit around the palm.
Neoprene and latex free.
Washable. Air dry.
Made in Italy.
Please note: In order to get your correct size, measure the circumference around the base knuckles of your four fingers.
Note: If you require hand, wrist & full thumb immobilization, we recommend the  M-Brace Wrist Splint with a Thumb Immobilizer Attachment.

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Pharmacist Notes:
We do not accept returns on therapeutic braces, so please double check your measurement, or phone/come in for a personal fitting to guarantee the correct size and maximum comfort.