M-Brace Salto Ankle Stabilizer
M-Brace Salto Ankle Stabilizer

M-Brace Salto Ankle Stabilizer

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This excellent ankle brace is worth every penny. The M-Brace Salto Ankle Stabilizer is the only one with a posterior opening, allowing you to put it on easily and painlessly. Wear it comfortably for protection while you stay active, or for pathologies such as distortions, tendonitis - luxations, and during the rehab phase of your ankle. The Ankle Stabilizer controls the inversion and eversion movements of the ankle. Not only does it feel really comfortable to wear and provide good support,  it can easily fit in any shoe and can be worn on either foot. Well worth the price.
Latex and Neoprene free.
Machine wash on gentle cycle, air dry.
Made in Italy.
Sizing based upon foot circumference (from heel to top surface of foot).
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Pharmacist Notes:

Remember that we do not accept returns on therapeutic braces, so please double check your measurement, or phone/come in for a personal fitting to guarantee the correct size and maximum comfort.

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