M-Brace Lumblock Lumbar-Sacral Brace
M-Brace 572 Lumbar-Sacral Brace

M-Brace Lumblock Lumbar-Sacral Brace

Item Id: MB572

Italians are famous for their elegant clothing designs. Guess what? This talent is extended to the humble back brace! M-Brace's quality, beautifully-made, Lumblock back brace acts as an immobilizing device for the lubar-sacral region. Its primary function is to reduce pain caused by lumbago, sciatica and ischialgia, plus many other indications. Three wide velcro bands are easy for you to adjust yourself, and they stay securely in place right where you want them. Practical, comfortable to wear, and easy to adjust, this brace perfectly adapts to people with long waists, ensuring maximum support and comfort at the desired tension. Ladies and gentlemen with shorter distance between chest and waist may find the Mini Lumblock (MB582) fits more comfortably.

Neoprene and latex free.
Machine wash on gentle cycle. Air dry.
Made in Italy.

Please note: Sizing is based upon PELVIC circumference.

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Pharmacist Notes:
Remember that we do not accept returns on therapeutic braces, so please double check your measurement, or phone/come in for a personal fitting to guarantee the correct size and maximum comfort.
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