M-Brace 136 AIR Wrist Splint
M-Brace 136 AIR Wrist Splint

M-Brace AIR Wrist Splint #136

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Designed as a support and protective brace for muscular damage as well as tendon and joint injuries (such as carpal/metacarpal fractures, tendonitis, root arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome), the MB136 AIR Wrist Splint offers good protection during sports, and relieves muscle fatigue symptoms. It also provides excellent post-trauma, post-op and stress support.
This new M-Brace model feels lighter to wear than any other wrist splint on the market. But don't take that as a compromise in quality, it's a real advantage if you need to wear it all day, or under a shirt cuff. Made in Italy of highly durable, washable, breathable, microfibre cloth, this wrist splint will not let you down.
The palm stay of the MB136 AIR is curved with the shape of the thumb to provide superior support and immobility, and its two split-strap velcro wraps easily adjust forearm pressure with a little more finesse than the more simply designed MB-134.
As with all finely crafted M-Brace splints, the moldable aluminum palmar and dorsal stays (for the top and bottom of your hand and wrist) are removable so that you can adjust your wrist mobility as it heals. If needed, you can also cut the oval thumb opening to enlarge it slightly.
This wrist brace also serves as a base for the MB137 AIR Thumb Splint, to order separately.

  • Made of 100% breathable, hypo-allergenic microfiber (lining). Nylon exterior.
  • Neoprene and latex free.
  • Machine washable on gentle. Dry at low setting.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Washable, durable, breathable.
Available in right or left, for a perfect fit and superior comfort.
Sizing based upon circumference of the wrist (see additional images).

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