M-Brace 134 AIR Wrist Splint
M-Brace 134 AIR Wrist Splint

M-Brace AIR Wrist Splint #134

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Wear the MB134 AIR Wrist Splint for relief, support, and protection if you are suffering carpal/metacarpal fractures, tendonitis, root arthrosis, carpal tunnel syndrome or arthrosis. It also provides good post-trauma and post-op support during rehab phase, and helps keep you protected while you stay active.
This splint is almost exactly the same as the MB136, except for the fastening: its simpler, two velcro straps over the lower forearm and wide velcro enclosure over the hand ensure secure and easily adjustable fastening.
Note the structural differences between this model and its competitors: The removable palm stay is curved with the shape of the thumb to provide better support and eliminate shifting when you move your hand. The extremely soft micro-fibre lining is more breathable, and is treated with an internal antibacterial treatment. Durable and well-made, M-Brace AIR braces are lighter to wear, making them less bulky than any other brace out on the market - definitely an advantage if you need to wear it all day.
This wrist brace also serves as a base for the MB137 AIR Thumb Splint, which can be ordered separately.

  • Made of 100% breathable microfiber and nylon.
  • Latex-free and Neoprene-free.
  • Machine wash, gentle cycle. Dry on low.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Durable, washable, breathable.
Available in right or left, for a perfect fit and superior comfort.
Sizing is based upon circumference of the wrist (see additional images).