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Life After High School
Life After High School

Life After High School

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Graduating high school and moving on to further education or the workplace brings with it a whole new set of challenges, and this is especially true for students with disabilities. Life After High School provides a complete overview of the issues such students and their families will need to consider, and outlines the key skills they will need in order to succeed in college or at work.

The authors describe the legal landscape as it applies to students with disabilities, and explains how to obtain the right disability documentation to ensure that students receive appropriate support and accommodations in college. Focusing specifically on the issues that most affect students with disabilities, they offer practical advice on everything from dealing with college entrance exams and the college entrance application process, to selecting the right college, visiting the campus, and achieving medical and financial independence away from home. A comprehensive list of further resources guides students and their families towards additional sources of information and support, and stories of students with disabilities who have already made the transition to higher education or the workplace provide ideas and encouragement. 

This book offers help and support to students with disabilities of all kinds, and their families, both before and during the transition to life after high school.

Susan Yellin is an attorney and founder of The Center for Learning Differences, a New York-based non-profit organization that runs an annual Life After High School program for students with disabilities. She is also head of the Advocacy and Transition team at the Yellin Center for Student Success, which provides educational evaluations and support for students of all ages. She and her husband, Dr Paul Yellin have three sons, one of whom has complex learning and medical issues, and all of whom have made the transition from high school. Susan Lives in New York State.

Christina Cacioppo Bertsch is the former Director of Disability Services for Fordham University in New York. She is also the founder of CCB Education Consulting Corp., where she works with students to help identify supportive college settings and assists with standardized test and post-secondary accommodations, applications, interview preparation, and self-advocacy training. Christina and her husband, a high school administrator and supervisor of guidance, have two daughters. Christina lives on Long Island, in New York.

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