Independent Living

  • Did you know that one of the main causes for people over the age of 65 to lose their independence is an accident happening in their own home?
  • Keep yourself in your own home longer by preventing accidents - most of which can happen in the bathroom or the kitchen.
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Bathroom Safety
Your bathroom can be one of the most likely places to fall in your house. When making your bathroom safer, you should consider having the following items installed:
  • One or two grab bars (beside the toilet and beside the tub or shower)
  • A non-slip bath mat (full length)
  • A shower spray
  • A bath seat (or a bath board or transfer bench) to make it safer to get in & out of the tub
  • A raised toilet seat (with or without arms) if that would make it easier to get up & down 
Take a look at our Independent Living shopping section for the bathroom. You'll find loads of great products designed to keep you independent longer!

Kitchen Safety
Your kitchen can be a much more comfortable place to use, with a few accessories to make it safer. Consider purchasing some or all of the following items to make everyday life easier:
  • A cutting board that is easily washable, and with built in walls against which you can push a loaf of bread or piece of fruit. This is very handy if you can only really count on one hand to do the work.
  • A cutting knife made to be pulled, not pushed back & forth.
  • A jar opener. 
  • Some utensil grips that can make cutlery easier to hold.

Want more information?
  • Check out our Independent Living department to find all kinds of great products designed to make life just a bit - or a lot - easier for you.
  • Look at our Needs Assessment for Planning Your Independence, to help you determine how you can best plan for your independent future.
  • If you are a permanent resident of British Columbia, and meet eligibility requirements, you may want to check out the Home Adaptions for Independence  (HAFI) programme that is offered by the Province of BC in order to help you continue to live in the comfort of your own home. This is a time limited financial assistance program offered to low income, eligible homeowners and tenants.  Please note that by clicking on the following link for more information about the HAFI program, you are leaving the Living Room Pharmacy website, and that we can't be responsible for the information found in this linked website: