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1 Glass File

These jewel-toned, glass nail files come in three sizes and are adorned with a decorative glass bead on their handle to ease removal from its protective sheath. The glass file is ever-sharp and made from fine glass made in a small, family-run specialty glass factory in the Czech Republic, where each file is finished by hand to eliminate any rough edges. The file edge is permanently etched into the glass, and the finish will not wear off because it is part of the glass. While no glass is unbreakable, these files are made with the highest quality tempered glass so even if your file should break, it will not shatter and you will not be cut. However, with appropriate care, these files will last a lifetime. When the files arrive in Oregon, they are adorned with an original glass bead made by women glass artists.

These files are appropriate for filing natural or artificial nails, and our customers say they use the large glass file to smooth away calluses on their feet.

Imported from an Oregon-based, woman-owned company that ascribes to fair trade practices. 

No two nail files are alike. If you have a colour combination preference, please contact us and we will try our best to meet your needs.