Foot Care

Foot and Skin Care
Caring for your feet can be easier than you may think. The easiest time to do it is when you are bathing. Here are some foot care tips:
  • Inspect your feet every day.
  • Wash your feet.
  • Thoroughly dry them.
  • Use a mirror to carefully inspect them.
  • Look for: blisters, cuts, cracks, dry skin, redness, tenderness, sores.
  • Powder between your toes. Extra moisture can cause fungal infections.
  • Avoid putting lotion between your toes. (It could create an environment for fungal infections).
  • Use cream/lotion on the other parts of your foot and legs.
  • Keep your heels and shins nicely moisturized.
  • Keep your nails trimmed. Consider using a nail file so you don't cut your skin or cut your nails too short. If you have tough, thick nails, Living Room Pharmacy sells an excellent quality toe nail clipper specifically designed to cut extra-strong nails.You can also look for a longer handled trimmer, so it's easier to reach way down to your toes. Call us for details about these specialty products.
  • If you have a hard time reaching your feet, seriously consider treating yourself, and your health, to a regular appointment with a foot care specialist.
Protect Your Feet! 
  • Protect your feet from very hot water.
  • Don't use a heating pad or hot water directly on your feet. Warm the sheets instead.
  • Test the water temperature before you climb into the bathtub.
  • Wear socks at all times to prevent a skin injury.
  • You may find wearing seamless socks, or thin wool socks, more comfortable.
  • Wear properly fitted shoes.
  • Wear shoes or slippers to protect your feet. Consider wool lining or insoles because wool is breathable and washable.

Take a look at our Foot Health section of the The Pharmacy. You might find something your feet need!