Custom Compounding

When you bring your prescription to Living Room Pharmacy, you're in good hands.

As a compounding pharmacy certified by the PCCA, this means that we have been certified to formulate prescription medications that are not commercially produced, and that we use the highest quality ingredients available.

What is "compounding"?

Pharmaceutical compounding is a method of preparing prescribed medications to "fit" an individual patient with a customized dosage and form.

With a prescription, and in consultation with you and your prescriber (a licensed physician, naturopath, dentist or veterinarian), your accredited Living Room pharmacist can alter the strength of a medication, or change its form to make it easier to swallow or apply.

Through compounding, we can focus on meeting special needs. This may involve preparing medications for veterinarians in a variety of dosage forms and flavors, providing natural alternatives in hormone replacement therapy, assisting physicians in treating their patients who may be in palliative care or who suffer chronic pain, or helping dentists to help their patients with special oral needs.

Reasons for compounding

For patients with chemical sensitivities, we can make medicines free of dyes and preservatives. Need to change the doses of your medicines? We can make gradual dose adjustments to help ease you on or off a medication - providing that these doses are not already manufactured in Canada. 

Whether you have trouble swallowing pills, or have a tough time getting a child or a pet to take bad-tasting medicine, the Living Room compounding team can make that medicine go down easier. We can add flavours (for example tutti-frutti or tuna fish) in order to make it more palatable. We can also prepare medication so that it gets into the body via other possible and unique "delivery systems" such as a drinkable liquid, skin gel, nose spray, lozenge, suppository, or dissolving oral tablet. Patients who can't take oral medications due to gastro-intestinal side effects find these other medication forms particularly helpful. Our compounding team helps many people who are experiencing chronic pain, or who are in palliative care, by preparing their pain meds in easy-to-take forms. We can even remove the discomfort of shots by putting the active ingredient into a cream or lotion.

Safety Standards

As licensed professionals, safety is a primary concern in Living Room Pharmacy. By using industry standard, precision instruments and sourcing only the highest-grade, assayed, pharmaceutical ingredients that have been approved by Health Canada, you can rest assured that you're getting exactly what you've been prescribed. We always work closely with you and your doctor to ensure that the choice of therapy is both safe and in your best interests. You can rest assured that the ingredients in your medication are actually the same ingredients in the same quantity that are printed on the label.

The Living Room Pharmacy team is proud to work in the important triad of care that is you, your prescribing care provider, and our compounding team. Whether you are a consumer or a health professional, if you have more questions on this topic, please  contact us. We are always happy to talk with you.