Compression Garment Fitting

Why Wear Compression Stockings or Socks?
We have helped fit many different people with compression garments at Living Room Pharmacy. Many are perfectly healthy folks, but they may be long distance air travellers,  pregnant women with mildly swollen legs, or people who stand for long periods of time at work (like nurses, pharmacists, tellers, vets and cashiers). They find relief from heavy tired legs by wearing non-prescription compression socks.
Patients with more serious medical reasons such as  post-surgical support, deep vein thrombosis prevention, and leg ulcers or severe varicose vein treatments, also need compression stockings.

What are Compression Stockings?
If you are imagining thick granny stockings, you haven't seen the new generation of compression stockings! First of all, usually they are not stockings; they're socks. Living Room Pharmacy stocks a huge variety of styles and colours, and most of them look like regular socks.
The world of compression stockings is big and varied so it's easy to get confused about it all.
Here's a tip: there are basically two types of compression stockings - the kind that require a prescription and the kind that do not. Expect to pay $20 to $35 for non-prescription socks, and $80 and up to over $100 for prescription compression socks and stockings. The good news is that many insurance plans will reimburse you for prescription socks, so talk to your doctor and find out if you should consider a pair.
Living Room Pharmacy carries a large variety of compression socks and stockings, so come into our shop to check out their look and feel for yourself.

Compression Garments
Living Room Pharmacy's advanced certified compression garment fitter can also help you get sorted with other types of compression garments, such as those needed after surgery, including mastectomies. Just phone us, and we'll set up an appointment time for you.