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You probably already know that breast milk offers the best source of nutrition and immune protection for your newborn baby. Breast feeding can also help you bond with your baby. Every time you breastfeed or pump your breast milk, you produce oxytocin, the socializing drug that helps us form relationships with others. Partners should not feel left out because they are not lactating; their body will produce oxytocin as they interact with their baby and especially if they foster skin-to-skin contact.
Breast pumps can help you provide nutritious breast milk to baby while allowing baby's dad, siblings and other caregivers to bond with him. Breast pumping can also allow you to express excess milk and protect sore nipples.
Medela breast pumps have an excellent reputation in Canada. They are, and have always been, made with BPA-free parts. We are pleased to offer a good range of Medela breast pumps for different kinds of uses. For daily use (usually by moms with multiple babes or women working outside the home), the Medela Symphony is a hospital-grade breastpump that can be used for single or double pumping and is available for rent at Living Room Pharmacy. Please contact us for availability and rates. For busy moms who need to pump daily and wish to own a pump that promises effortless performance, the Freestyle allows double pumping and quick, convenient breast pumping.  For more occasional use, Medela's Swing is the most technologically advanced and easy to use single pumping breast pump available on the market. If you're a full-time breastfeeding mom who only wants to pump occasionally, Medela's Harmony pump is the most efficient and reliable manual breast pump available that allows you to mimic your baby's natural nursing rhythm.
Finally, here's a tip from a lactation consultant, if you're having difficulty pumping much milk: Try putting baby on one breast to nurse while you pump the other breast. You will not believe the volume you can suddenly produce!
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Medela - Freestyle Breast Pump
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Medela - Harmony Breast Pump
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Medela - Swing Breast Pump
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